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FOSS4G 2018 list of presentations and authors

FOSS4G 2018 list of presentations and authors

This post was written by ragnvald

Last friday the FOSS4G 2018 conference sent a letter of acceptance to hundreds of authors/presenters. The process of choosing presentations was in the end not a difficult one.


Under way we have had good help from our community, the programme committee, Michael Terner, Paul Ramsey and Antonio Armas Diaz. We have also had help from many subreviewers which have helped us look at some of the presentations with new eyes. Finally – and most importantly – we know that the authors of the proposals for presentations have spent hours and hours writing and refining their proposals. Thank you – this conference is about you and what you can contribute with!


Our vision is for an accessible and inclusive FOSS4G. The UN Sustainable Development Goals was cursory for this years call for papers. Presentations will range from maps for #wildlife conservation, ESA Copernicus, Emergency Mapping, disaster response systems, epidemiological analysis, gender/diversity, drones and waste management to journalism – and much more.


Our strong conference program reflects our vision for a diverse and inclusive FOSS4G. Within some days we will list the presentations publicly. We will also provide a list of workshops to be held.


We all look forward to a great conference!