Emergency Contacts

We expect everyone at the conference to have a really fantastic time. However, we are also aware that with around 1000 people assembling in a common venue, travelling to a new country, trying new life experiences that there is the possibility that you may encounter an issue. To the greatest extent possible we will try to support anyone who experiences such issues. The information sheet below is intended to provide the first point of contact for anyone who may need help. If in any doubt please contact one of the conference volunteers or DLOC members.


There are specific contact points for different kinds of issues listed below. But there you are also welcome to use any of these numbers from the conference DLOC and local Tanzanian team should you need any assistance while you are here:



Mark Iliffe (Logistics Committee): +1 718 414 3631

Ragnvald Larsen (Programme Committee): +255 67 432 7046

Msilikale Msilanga (Communications and outreach): + 255 717 506 053

Tim Sutton (Volunteers): +255 623 517 7704


Tanzanian Conference Organisers:

Rashidi Hussein: +255 765 459 589

Devotha L. Nkwabi: +255 753 667 610

Edgar Mlowe: +255 654 988 047


Criminal: Primary point of Contact:


Innocent Maholi


+255 787 999 093 | +255 714 166 665 (WhatsApp)


  • Mugging:
    • Loss of passport, all credit cards & cell/mobile phone
    • Police & Embassy accompanying
    • Potential Medical needs – direct or indirect, travel insurance;
    • Assets needed: Language skills, transport, cash, clinic addresses + knowledge; Medi-evac
  • Non-violent loss or assets/pick-pocketing/ phone snatching
  • Scam/legal issue
  • Government/Security forces/Legal incident
  • Pictures, government/political incident, traffic incident, police/armed forces
  • Statements against local law


Medical: Primary point of Contact:


Ivan Gayton


+255 769 397 811

Ketty Adoch



  • Basic first aid & non-emergency medical
  • Sexual Assault:
  • Medical, legal, psycho-social support


Travel: Primary point of Contact:



Nuru Kalulunga


+255 712 805 377

  • Missing a plane
  • Visa issues, cash/accommodations
  • Vacation travel

Non-Emergency: Primary point of Contact:


William Evans


+255 620 150 069

Sara Amadi


+255 62 954 5219


  • Code of conduct violations
  • Verbal: Harassment
  • Physical assault
  • “Safe space” for people of different sexual orientation
  • Explicit list on “Do’ / Don’ts”
  • Ethical issues


General Needs/Plans

Key Contact Details (coming soon):

24-hr. Emergency Line & Schedule:



Day Contact Person Email Phone
Monday Ivan Gayton ivan.gayton@hotosm.org 255 769 397 811
Tuesday Nuru Kalunguka nuru.kalulunga@hotosm.org 255 712 805 377
Wednesday Ketty Adoch adochketty@gmail.com
Thursday Beaty Mkumbo Charsbeaty@gmail.com 255 757 529 054
Friday William Evans william.evans@hotosm.org 255 620 150 069
Saturday Yves Barthélemy yvesbarthelemy@gmail.com 255 778 36 44 37



Medical Treatment Centres

Tanzania has an online registry of medical centres, which can be found at this link.

The Aga Khan Hospitals network has a main hospital in Dar es Salaam, along with a number of clinics (Telephone: +255 22 211 5151/53). They have a primary medical centre in Mbeya, which can refer to the Dar es Salaam hospital. HOT associates are recommended to use Aga Khan when it is feasible.


Expatriates have also used the IST Clinic, a primary care clinic in Dar es Salaam providing high-quality health care. One of the medical practitioners can be reached during 24 hours on the clinic emergency line (0754-783 393) and there is always a nurse present at the IST Clinic itself so that patients can go directly to the clinic.


Embassies and Consulates (Other primaries based on participants)

United Kingdom (British High Commission)


Umoja House,

Hamburg Avenue,

P.O. Box 9200

Dar es Salaam


Link to website

Link to travel advice

Link to sign up for alerts


+255 22 229 0000

Monday to Thursday: 7:30 to 15:30 and Friday: 7:30 to 13:00

United States of America


686 Old Bagamoyo Road,


Dar es Salaam


Link to website

Link to travel advice

Link to sign up to alerts

No email address

+255 222 294 000

Monday to Thursday 08:00 to 16:00



38 Mirambo Street / Garden Avenue,

Dar es Salaam,



Link to website

Link to travel advice

Link to sign up to alerts


+255 222 163 300

Monday to Thursday: 07:30 to 16:00

Friday: 07:30 to 13:00