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FOSS4G 2018 – community voting has started

FOSS4G 2018 – community voting has started

This post was written by ragnvald

Using EasyChair to register proposals

A total of 239 presentations was submitted to us for evaluation. Around 450 authors have been involved in writing the proposals for talks at our conference. This is what makes a conference – all those people with ideas, knowledge and questions they want to share with us. Having read through all abstracts we know choosing from them will be a tough choice.

Therefore the program committee for FOSS4G 2018 in Dar es Salaam needs your advice in deciding on which presentations should be prioritized for the conference. Our tool for this is a community voting system.

The system for community voting for the main track has now been opened. The voting is “blind”. This means there is no information about authors/affiliations in the voting system – just title/description.


The program committee apreciates the work which has gone into writing the proposals1

We would like to remind you that the final decission on presentations at the conference rests with the program committee and the local organizational committee. Afther we get the priorities from the community we will have to look at the conference as a whole. Presentations covering the same themse might be an issue. Presentes possibilities to be present is an other.

Information about our decissions will be given in the beginning of May.