List of presentations

The following is our list of presentations. The academic presentations will soon be available on this page. This year we have a separate track for CGIAR-SIIL. This is a specifically curated track which brings focus on FOSS4G and agriculture. Main track will be named “main”, while CGIAR-SIIL will be named respectively. Together this is 265 presentations.


“You can’t build a geocoder with Elasticearch”, four years on (#288) Julian Simioni
3D Geospatial Application Development with no Internet Access (#224) Vaclav Blazek
3D Linked Geospatial Data – The potential of combining different worlds (#93) Erwin Folmer and Wouter Beek
A FOSS-based remote sensing data analytics tool for smallholder crops in sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia (#395) Luis Calisto and Rolf A. de By
A Million Walks in the Park: How to use GPS data to Scale Up and Refine Land Use (#182) Wenfei Xu
A Simple Introduction to Scalable Geospatial Microservices using gRPC, Kubernetes and Istio (#252) David Raleigh
A Unified Map Service (UMS) that integrates all the capabilities of WMS, WMTS, WFS, WCS, CSW in a single service (#127) Jerome St-Louis
A love letter to cartography. (#73) Kenneth Field
A practical approach to cartography in QGIS 3. Case study – Making 1:50 k topographic map in South Africa. (#272) Admire Nyakudya
A traffic management system based on Graphhopper and OpenStreetMap (#232) Felix Kunde
Access Geoserver Rest-api using Python (#225) Jakob Lagerstedt
Accuracy of maizeland classification in smallholder farming systems using sentinel-2A satellite imagery (#398) Julius Adewopo, Helen Peter and Alpha Kamara
Actinia Open Source – geoprocessing in the cloud (#91) Till Adams and Till Adams
Administrative Units as Linked Open Data – A casestudy from the Norwegian Mapping Authority (#134) Joan Olive Lopez and Thomas Ellett
Aerial Drone building (#239) Henrik Lund Pedersen
Alien Worlds: 3D Maps of Celestial Bodies with VTS (#283) Ondrej Prochazka
An automated workflow to extract irrigated area land use from time series of satellite data (#309) Sajid Pareeth, Poolad Karimi and Charlotte De Fraiture
An enterprise version of OSGeo stack to overcome customer challenges (#87) María Arias de Reyna and Jeroen Ticheler
An integrated approach to automatically configure a QGIS project from a database model (#253) Denis Rouzaud and Matthias Kuhn
An interactive understanding of the free and open source geospatial ecosystem (#238) Codrina Maria Ilie and Vasile Crăciunescu
Analysis of environmental sensitive areas using open source software (#389) Ragnvald Larsen and Yves Barthelemy
Application of Free and Open source software and data for spatial targeting of agricultural technologies (#397) Francis Muthoni and Tunrayo Alabi
Application of GIS and OpenStreet mapping in earthquake mitigation: A case study of Karonga Area (#223) Rachel Kumwenda and Dr. Blackwell Manda
Application of supervised machine learning in rice pest damage assessment: Case study involving detection of rodent infestation across rice landscape using Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) and TensorFlow (#413) Tri Setiyono and Nasreen Khan
Application of unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) and object-based approach for satellite-based rice area validation (#412) Tri Setiyono and Nasreen Khan
Applying Big Data tools to OpenStreetMap for humanitarian mapping analysis (#356) Robert Emanuele
Approaches to WebGIS in times of unstable or weak internet connections (#96) Till Adams
Artificial intelligence in feature detection and classification, and its application (#201) Vanessa O’Brien and Kurt Janssen
Assessing the impact of national food security policies on irrigated rice production in Senegal using advanced remote sensing and modelling technologies (#403) Sander Zwart, Lorenzo Busetto, Mirco Boschetti and Mandiaye Diagne
Beyond Latin Glyphs: Advanced System for Rendering Texts in 3D Maps (#219) David Levínský
Beyond Pretty Pictures: Topographic Labels in 3D Maps of High Terrain (#78) David Levínský
Bringing complex features from extendable GML application schemas into a compact database representation (Is it really as hard as the title reads?) (#222) Felix Kunde
Browser-based geoprocessing with Turf.js (#180) Numa Gremling
Building a Raspberry Pi Off Line Navigation System (#108) Ian Turton
Building a Tangible Landscape with GRASS GIS for a school near you (#274) Gavin Fleming
Building a WebVR environment to bring historical shipping data alive (#190) Luis Calisto, Ieva Dobraja, Yuhang Gu, Andreas Weber, Jelle Van Lottum, Marti Huetink and Menno-Jan Kraak
Building an open source mapping system for forest monitoring (#325) Kristofor Carle and Leo Bottrill
Building large scale environmental models from pointcloud data with PDAL and postgis (#184) Tom van Tilburg
Bush encroachment mapping in Otjozondjupa region, Namibia (#402) John Mutua and Ravic Nijbroek
Cartoframes – spatial tools for data science (#162) Andy Eschbacher
Catchment Hydrology Explorer for Water Stewards (CatchX Platform) (#173) Luis Felipe Patino Velasquez, Susana Almeida, Wym Clymans and Mark Trigg
Championing SDGs with Disenfranchised Groups: Indonesian Case Study Mapping with Youth, Women, and Disabled Communities (#147) Biondi Sima
CityCycler – lowering the barrier to cycling by matching up inexperienced and experienced cyclists to cycle together (#197) Max Stephan
Clean Streets Kampala (#374) Samson Ngumenawe
Client-Side Map Reporting on Web Based Applications using OpenLayers and jsPDF (#265) Anita Hapsari
Closing the divide: Data visualisations, organisational structures and representation in humanitarian mapping (#125) Amelia Hunt and Doug Specht
Collaborative Imagery and Data Collection in Your Community with Mapillary (#273) Christopher Beddow
Combining open source tools and crowdsourcing methodologies to mapping the spatial distribution of banana fusarium wilt disease. (#401) David Brown
Community Education Mapping in OSM in Kenya (#268) Erica Hagen, Zacharia Wambua and Joshua Ogure
Community Mapped elevation through “Differential Barometry” (#76) Hessel Winsemius, Ivan Gayton, Kristen Tonga, Ka-Ping Yee, Frank Annor and Nick Van de Giesen
Community mapping to improve health and governance (#327) Gertrude Namitala
Copernicus Emergency Mapping, the new phase with FOSS (#74) Simone Dalmasso
CorpsMap – A plugin-based web mapping platform (#202) Will Breitkreutz
Creating Land Use and Land Change Maps with Public datasets (#300) Matthew Hanson
Creating Stunning Maps in GeoServer, with SLD, CSS, YSLD and MBStyles (#128) Andrea Aime, Mauro Bartolomeoli and Simone Giannecchini
Crowd2Map Tanzania – crowdmapping rural Tanzania to help end FGM and aid community development (#121) Janet Chapman, Benedicto Hosea, Neema Meremo and Ngailla Alpha
Crowdsourced damage assessment using FOSS and OpenStreetMap (#328) Cristiano Giovando and Keiko Saito
Crowdsourcing the Public Transport Data (#185) Ilya Zverev
Crunching Data In GeoServer: Mastering Rendering Transformations, WPS And SQL Views (#131) Mauro Bartolomeoli, Andrea Aime and Simone Giannecchini
Data aggregation for efficient geospatial services (#243) Javier Goizueta
Detailed 3D Elements in geographic context with MapboxGL and Three.js – A Cultural Heritage approach (#320) Lucia Marsicano and Marco Montanari
Dether – geospatial & blockchain research (#124) Alexandre Kurth
Developing detailed maps for conservation with OpenStreetMap (#186) Joel Masselink
Development of Data Linkage, Sharing and Display System for Disaster Management of Typhoon (#143) Ahlong Son, Hyoungseong Park, Jungtak Lim and Jinyi Park
Digital Matatu 2.0 : Leveraging Open Street Maps to Develop Data on Semi-Formal Transit (#344) Sarah Williams, Jacqueline Klopp, Daniel Orwa, Peter Waiganjo, Steave Osoro and Derick Lung’Aho
Digital diffusion and geodesigning for ecological intensification (#414) Chandrashekhar Biradar
Digital mapping as a help to local development (#13) Hoavonon Agbessi-Anake
Distributed download with National SDIs (#375) Bjørn Grøtan
Diversity within mapping and FOSS communities (#203) Selene Yang
Do you need a cluster? Load testing Web Map Servers (#107) Ian Turton
Dockerizing QGIS Plugin for Headless Service – Case Study: InaSAFE Headless (#250) Ismail Sunni and Rizky Maulana Nugraha
Dotloom – Next Generation Point-cloud Platform (#269) Thibault Mutabazi, Kyoung-Sook Kim, Martin Heidegger and Daniel Kastl
Economics of land degradation in Niger (#406) Ephraim Nkonya, Yating Ru and Edward Kato
Electricity mode in Israel Electricity and the connection to our pocket (#388) Dr. Asnat Mangell
Engaging the Female Gender in Active Humanitarian Mapping for Sustainable National Development in Africa Using OpenStreetMap (#361) Victor N. Sunday, Peace Bairidapsi Nyiaghan, Faith Umuokoro, Rebecca Firth and Janet Chapman
Enhancing Korean Resilience with Public Safety Map (#153) Sohee Lee, Youngwoo Chun, Misong Kim and Kyungsoo Pyo
Enterprise Spatial Data Infrastructure using FOSS4G (#352) Junyoung Choi and Jongseok Won
Envision Scenario Planner – a geospatial tool for socio-economic and environmental assessment & modelling for urban regeneration of neighbourhoods (#141) Ines Falcao, Rita Dionisio, Mirjam Schindler and Simon Kingham
Exploring OSRM (#261) Kajari Ghosh
Extending PostGIS with Python (#160) Benjamin Trigona-Harany
FOSS4G Software in practice (#246) Birgit Blaabjerg Bisgaard and Martin Høgh
FOSS4G based satellite exploitation platform (#311) Vasile Craciunescu, Marian Neagul, Marcin Gil, Rok Mocnik, Bartosz Buszke, Przemysław Turos and Igor Kratochvil
Free and Open Source Unmanned Vehicles (#262) Luca Delucchi, Luca Bezzi and Peter King
From “Data Zetu” to action: Shina boundaries offer unprecedented hyperlocal data for decisionmakers (#317) Ivan Gayton, Paul Uithol, Sara Amadi and Asha Mustapha
From Humanitarian Mapping to Development Mapping – Bringing History In (#358) Jonathan Marino and Laurence Cramer
From Static to Dynamic: Using Cell Phone Application Data to Measure 24hr Population Dynamics (#175) Wenfei Xu
From images to commons: fast sharing to OpenAerialMap using WebODM. (#189) Piero Toffanin, Stephen Mather and Dakota Benjamin
GRASS GIS 7.4: What’s new in a nutshell? (#266) Markus Neteler, Veronica Andreo, Luca Delucchi, Martin Landa, Moritz Lennert, Vaclav Petras, Anna Petrasova and Helena Mitasova
Geo in the Elastic Stack (#278) Thomas Neirynck
Geo-diversity in Machine Learning (#298) Andrew Bollinger
Geo-enabling AI Assistants & Concierge Services (#351) Patrick Dufour
GeoNetwork State of the Art: what’s New and Upcoming (#88) María Arias de Reyna and Jeroen Ticheler
GeoServer Ecosystem (#350) Jody Garnett, Andrea Aime and Ian Turton
GeoServer in Production: we do it, here is how! (#165) Simone Giannecchini, Andrea Aime and Mauro Bartolomeoli
Geographic Technological Solution for web map viewers. Application case Sistema de Información Predial Urbano de Pitalito “SIPUP” (#10) Katheryn Zulay Peraza Hernandez and Javier Andres Tamayo Peña
Geopaparazzi and gvSIG mobile: state of the art (#139) Andrea Antonello and Silvia Franceschi
Geospatial Continuous Integration using Geogig (#343) Felipe de Carvalho Diniz, Diogo Oliveira Nascimento, Phillipe Borba, Jossan Costa and Cesar Soares
Get to know Mapbender – create web applications without writing a single line of code. (#372) Astrid Emde
Hazardous chemical diffusion system based real-time weather information in Korea (#204) Sang Gu Jeong, Myeong Heum Cho, Kyung Soo Pyo and Young Jin Park
Helping governments improve service delivery through OSM (#373) Jess Beutler and David Luswata
Helping open source projects thrive: a guide for users and occasional contributors (#271) Andrea Aime and Jeff McKenna
Hospitals worldwide: Data Modelling, Volunteered Data Collection, Geocoding, and Service Implementation (#191) Thilo Pfalzgraf, Mwai Makoka and Franz-Josef Behr
How NASA is Building a Petabyte Scale Geospatial Archive in the Cloud (#335) Aimee Barciauskas and Alireza Jazayeri
How communities can leverage location during emergencies, disasters and humanitarian efforts. (#205) Kenn Burnet and Joe Larson
How we can make Spatial Data Infrastructure in Argentina with the help of Free and Open Source Software (#129) Malena Libman
Humanitarian High Resolution Mapping (#256) Jean-Baptiste Pasquier and Lorenzo Riches
Hydra, OpenSource hydrology simulation platform (#302) Vincent Mora, Thierry Lepelletier and Camille Duran
I have Tera-Bytes of Point Cloud data. What do I do now? (#151) Éric Lemoine
ILCYM’s index interpolator tool for regional pest risk assessments in mountainous regions (#408) Henry Juarez, Pablo Carhuapoma, Henri Tonnang and Jurgen Kroschel
IPFS: A Sneakernet for your geodata (#161) Volker Mische
Identifying deforestation over time using change detection (#126) Damon Rand and Ryan Elfman
Implement and deploy OGC services with QGIS 3.0 (#150) David Marteau
Implementing OpenSource Gis in Israel (#380) Anat Marcovitch
Improving Transit Safety with Open Data and OSM in São Paulo (#206) Tiago Fassoni and Flávio Soares
Improving public land management in Burundi with OpenSource software (#289) Pierre-André Le Ny and Florent Lasry
Inclusion and Diversity in OSGeo (#86) María Arias de Reyna and Malena Libman
Integrating and Scaling QGIS Server Backend with Docker and Rancher (#247) Rizky Maulana Nugraha
Interactive mobile maps with the Mapbox Maps SDK (#235) Konstantin Käfer
Introducing GeoNode with QGIS Server (#290) Gavin Fleming
Introduction to mago3D – a web based GeoBIM platform on top of FOSS4G (#144) Sanghee Shin, Hakjoon Kim, Seongdo Son and Jeongdae Cheon
Keeping Up With Urban Change (#280) Derek Lieu and Anna Scalamogna
Landsat-util – your new best friend? (#245) Martin Ytre-Eide
Large-scale, Country-wide VHR Photogrammetric 3D Mapping (#172) Ladislav Horký
Leveraging FOSS4G for Strengthening Health Systems in Nigeria (#378) Ayodele Adeyemo and Dami Sonoiki
Linear Referencing with Floating Car Data (#226) Felix Kunde
Live spatial simulation to develop a shared vision for a sustainable livestock value chain transformation (#416) Catherine Pheifer, Joanne Morris and Jawoo Koo
Livewire: postgis, Postgres & pgrouting for power delivery modeling (#146) Rhys Stewart
Location, Location, Location! (#166) Michelle Ho
Location-based Task Management (#258) Thibault Mutabazi and Daniel Kastl
MULTI-SOURCE SATELLITE DATA FUSION FOR AGRICULTURAL MONITORING (#399) Raj Kumar Singh, Chandrashekhar Biradar and Ashutosh Sarker
Map of water pipes to reduce water loss in the cities (#80) Jose Maria Villac Pinheiro
Map the Philippines: Building Local Resilience Networks To Address New 21st Century Realities (#231) Celina Agaton
MapMint: The 100% service-oriented GIS platform (#322) Gérald Fenoy, Venkatesh Raghavan and Nicolas Bozon
MapStore, modern mashups with OpenLayers, Leaflet and React (#123) Mauro Bartolomeoli and Simone Giannecchini
Mapillary for QGIS 3 plugin (#370) Alexandre Duclaux and Christopher Beddow
Mapping Media+Radio Reach for Better Project Outcomes (#249) Thad Kerosky and Kassim Sheghembe
Mapping and Hacking for better Public Transport in African metropolis – the case of Maputo (#346) Remígio Chilaule, Joaquin Tejada and Idelson Mindo
Mapping efforts in an unsurveyed land – Koorachundu Village Panchayat experience. (#111) Jaisen Nedumpala Devi Nilayam
Mapping fertilizer prices in Africa: Where to start? (#417) Camila Bonilla Cedrez, Jordan Chamberlin and Robert Hijmans
Mapping for peace in Diffa by OSM Niger (#210) Samaila Alio Mainassara, Moustapha Mahamane Abdoulkader and Fatiman Alher Wariou
Mapping inequality in access to resources in R (#393) Andy Nelson, Jacob van Etten and Daniel Weiss
Mapping livestock keepers and their herds across Africa based on households’ survey (#415) Stephen Oloo, Catherine Pfeifer and Jawoo Koo
Mapping of fishing communities and coastal wetlands in the Urabá Gulf – Colombia (#241) Natalia Da Silveira Arruda, Juan Felipe Blanco Libreros and Nixon Arley Arsitizabal Niño
Mapping paddy rice cropping pattern and phenology in Cambodia (#379) Hongfei Wang and Aniruddha Ghosh
Mapping the world beyond web mercator with GeoServer (#130) Andrea Aime and Simone Giannecchini
Maximum entropy classification of maizelands in smallholder farming systems using multispectral UAV images (#400) Julius Adewopo, Helen Peter and Peter Craufurd
Mexico Earthquake mapping: An example of how Humanitarian Mapping supports in Disaster Response (#213) Miriam Gonzalez
Missing Maps Year 4! (#233) Rachel Levine
Mobile project monitoring in development cooperation projects (#183) Martin Dresen
Modeling a Spatial Data Base with PgModeler/PostgreSQL and Developing a Geoportal with MapBender (#64) Baovola Marie Anna
Modelling natural hazards in gvSIG with the HortonMachine plugins (#140) Silvia Franceschi and Andrea Antonello
Monitoring postgis model CRUD actions with promethius. (#230) Alison Mukoma
Multiple metadata catalogues the easy way. (#112) Brent Wood
New global weather and climate data for spatial modeling (#386) Robert Hijmans and Steve Fick
New participatory spaces: The role of locating in resistance (#81) Doug Specht
Next generation activities and technologies in the OGC (#347) Athina Trakas, Luis Bermudez and Gobe Hobona
OSGeo wants you! (#133) María Arias de Reyna
One Geonode, many Geonode (#164) Alessio Fabiani, Giovanni Allegri and Simone Giannecchini
Open & Low-cost Monitoring System: evaluation of the 4onse “non-conventional” solution (#98) Massimiliano Cannata, Daniele Strigaro, Milan P. Antonovic, Mirko Cardoso and Marcus Hoffmann
Open Communities – we love to hate … (#90) Steven Feldman
Open Source (QGIS) Adoption: The case of Addis Ababa Cadastre (#158) Mael Taye
Open Source Geospatial Technology; the Solution for African Women Empowerment (#365) Maureen Nkiruka Ezebube, Victor N. Sunday and Chukwunonyelum Okpala-Okaka
Open Source Practice and Passion at OSGeo (#341) Jody Garnett
Open Standards in support of global challenges – opportunities for African countries (#349) Athina Trakas, Luis Bermudez and Gobe Hobona
Open source elements in the MAPIRE service: georeferenced historical maps of Europe (#157) Előd Biszak and Gábor Timár
Open source is hard, we are here to help! (#337) Jody Garnett and Thea Aldrich
Open-source coastline mapping with publicly available imagery (#306) Matthew Hanson and Mark Dion
OpenDataCube in a Box (#145) Alex Leith and Felix Lipkin
OpenDroneMap In The Cloud – An Architecture for On-Demand Photogrammetric Processing (#270) Tomas Holderness, Matthew Berryman and Stephen Mather
OpenStreetMap Analytics for Health (#333) Alyssa Wright, Anna Scalamogna and Marc Farra
Opening up the potential of the OSM Full History Data to the HOT community, project managers and data users (#281) Melanie Eckle, Michael Auer, Sascha Fendrich, Benjamin Herfort, Fabian Kowatsch, Sabrina Marx, Martin Raifer, Moritz Schott, Rafael Troilo and Alexander Zipf
Oskari – Your Geospatial Friend (#362) Timo Aarnio
Overcoming data access and acquisitions limitations through opensource solutions to increase GIS efficiency (#212) Sylvain Poulain
Own The Map (#323) Ilya Zverev
Participatory Mapping for Open Counties in Kenya (#188) Erica Hagen and Zacharia Wambua
Path Planning in your Database and more with pgRouting (#169) Rohith Reddy Sankepally and Celia Virginia Vergara Castillo
Paving the way for increased sustainable energy solutions in rural Tanzania (#313) Dorica Mugusi, Tonny John, Barnabas Caro and Paul Uithol
Pilot land Information Management System (#304) Elijah Kingori and Peterson Muchiri
Planet: Global Daily Imagery (#159) Benjamin Trigona-Harany
PostGIS Release Features since v2.0 (#336) Felix Kunde
Postgres migrations using Python (#236) Mario Baranzini
Pre-harvest loss estimation using satellite data calibrated with drone data in Tanzania (#394) Soonho Kim, Summer Allen, Michael Laurence Humber, Ritvik Sahajpal, Sonja Betschart and Rose Funja
Promoting Science-Based Environmental Reporting in the Nile Basin through Interactive Maps and Drone Video Journalism (#364) Annika McGinnis and Fredrick Mugira
Publish Geospatial Metadata in a Semi-Compliant OGC Standard System with Pycsw (#257) Boney Bun
QField and the future of QGIS on mobile devices (#255) Matthias Kuhn and David Signer
QGIS & the 240 Wine Regions: A Tale of Large Scale Collaborative Digitizing (#100) Michele Tobias
QGIS 3.0: More Powerful in the Cloud (AWS). (#286) Mark Korver
QGIS Web Client 2 Update (#366) Pirmin Kalberer
QWAT – an open source project for drinkable water management based on QGIS and PostgreSQL (#277) Régis Haubourg
Quickly integrate machine learning segmentation to the geo-workflow (#312) Zhuangfang Yi
Ramani Huria: improving urban planning with local tools & communities (#293) Ivan Gayton, Innocent Maholi, Paul Uithol and Nuru Kalulunga
Rapid mobile mapping, and less-rapid development of relationships between refugees and local communities (#301) Paul Uithol and Rupert Allan
Raster Vision: Deep Learning for Aerial and Satellite Imagery (#345) Lewis Fishgold
Real time air quality mapping on a shoestring (#94) Christopher Eykamp
Really Big Geospatial Data Analytics (#334) Marc Vloemans and Rob Azavea
Remote Control Operation (#187) Luiz Motta, Marcelo Aguiar, George Ferreira, Jailton Dias and Jair Schmitt
Resource Watch: Monitoring the Planet’s Pulse (#211) Francis Gassert
STAC, Sat-utils and publicly available satellite imagery datasets (#299) Matthew Hanson
Scaling social impact in fast growing for-profit open source geo business model (#69) Santiago Giraldo
Scaling up climate change mitigation strategy in rice from farm to landscape level using Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) and remote sensing (#410) Tri Setiyono and Nasreen Khan
Selective improvements in QGIS 3.x (#119) Andreas Neumann
Sensor Observaion data and QGIS (#114) Brent Wood
Server-side Data Fusion in 3D Mapping with VTS (#171) Ladislav Horký
Serverless GIS in Precision Farming (#360) Christian Christelis
Serverless Vector Tiles on AWS (#353) Mark Varley
Serving earth observation data with GeoServer: addressing real world requirements (#122) Simone Giannecchini and Andrea Aime
Sh*thole Geography – the global geo pub quiz (#89) Steven Feldman and Ken Field
Simple is Better: An Intro to Event-Driven Serverless Architectures for Faster Disaster Response (#137) Joe Flasher
Socio-ecological models of aquaculture in 4-dimensions (SEMA4D) (#294) Nicholas Keeney and Damian Brady
Solving geology use cases with OpenSource GIS: Albion and CtrlCraft (#291) Vincent Mora and Emmanuel Duguey
Spatial rice yield estimation based on MODIS and Sentinel-1 SAR data and ORYZA crop growth model (#411) Nasreen Khan, Tri Setiyono and Francesco Holecz
State of GeoServer 2018 (#330) Jody Garnett, Andrea Aime and Ian Turton
State of GeoTrellis (#310) Eugene Cheipesh
State of JAI Advanced Image Processing (#340) Jody Garnett and Eugene Cheipesh
State of JTS 2018 (#338) Jody Garnett and Rob Emanuele
Styling and publication of vector tiles (#368) Pirmin Kalberer
Supporting Humanitarian Logistics with the OpenRouteService for Disaster Management (#267) Sabrina Marx, Melanie Eckle, Timothy Ellersiek, Benjamin Herfort and Alexander Zipf
Supporting community engagement with open source geo-tools: a conceptual framework. (#260) Rosa Aguilar, Johannes Flacke and Karin Pfeffer
Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) Based Rice Monitoring and Crop Insurance System: Institutional Achievement and Challenges (#409) Nasreen Khan and Francesco Holecz
Targeting spatio-temporal dynamics in floodplain agro-ecosystems with GIS-based analysis of multi-temporal MODIS imagery (#404) Martin van Brakel
Teaching Critical Open GIS and Development (#319) Joseph Holler
Teaching the Geography curriculum (Grade 8 to 12) in South Africa with QGIS (#276) Bridget Fleming
The Importance of FOSS4G Conferences: community and business imperatives (#240) Michael Terner
The Little Beginning of a UniqueMappersTeam Born in a Citadel of Learning on the Green Lowlands and Swampy Plains of The New Calabar River, Nigeria (#357) Victor N. Sunday, Blessing Oshoma and Chukwudubem Nzewi
The NIWA Marine data web portal (#115) Brent Wood
The Open Source Web Mapping Solution: an Experience from the BOBLME Marine Protected Area (MPA) Atlas (#407) Shwu Jiau Teoh, See Lay Stanley Tan and Nurulhuda Ahmad Fatan
The Tanzania Food and Land Productivity Information System (#193) Karsten Vennemann, Ludger Herrmann and Siza Tumbo
The application of FOSS4G in the emergency, preparedeness and response operations of the World Food Programme (WFP). (#419) Dimitris Karakostis
The eStation 2.0, an Earth Observation processing service (#307) Marco Clerici, Antoine Royer, Jurriaan Van’T Klooster and Vijay Charan Venkatachalam
The rise of istSOS3 (#102) Massimiliano Cannata, Milan P. Antonovic and Daniele Strigaro
The role of Open Data and Free and Open Source(FOSS) in achieving Sustainable Development. (#305) Laura Mugeha
The story of an error (#105) Ramiro Aznar
The success of the Social Tenure Domain Model (STDM) Open Source Project (#332) Arnulf Christl
Time to Sow: Mapping the Adoption of Cropping Practices from space (#396) Zhe Guo, Simrin Makhija, Jawoo Koo and David Spielman
Towards a More Inclusive Definition of Geocoding (#287) Julian Simioni
Towards an Open Source Geospatial Certification Model (#279) Franz-Josef Behr and Tanzeel U. R. Khan
Tracking the adoption of pigeonpea in Malawi using time series satellite imagery and spectral matching technique (#405) Murali Krishna Gumma, Takuji Tsusaka and Ismail Rafi
Uncovering patterns in high dimensional spatial data (#113) Stuart Lynn
University Battle Mapping: an Approach to engage youth mappers (#244) Adityo Dwijananto
Unveiling never-before-seen administrative boundaries for hyperlocal decision making (#116) Samhir Vasdev
Use of FOSS4G for spurring innovation in agricultural research (#392) Jawoo Koo, Francis Muthoni and Lisa-Maria Rebelo
Useful hints when working with Leaflet (#179) Numa Gremling
Using Community User Experience Research to Improve Open Source Tools: A Case Study of OSMCha (#217) Jinal Foflia
Using FOSS4G to empower communities: Mobile Applications to Secure Tenure (MAST) (#295) Ioana Bouvier, Jeffrey Euwema, Leland Smith, Silvia Petrova, Jeanne Choquehuanca, Caleb Stevens and Stephen Brooks
Using GeoPackage as work and exchange format (#367) Pirmin Kalberer
Using Passively-collected Geospatial Data to Compare Patterns of Residential Location Choice in Two North American Cities (#117) Max Gardner and Alexei Pozdnukhov
Using QGIS and PostGIS for aerial surveys of Tanzanian large mammals (#387) Howard Frederick, Edward Kohi and Machoke Mwita
Using maps to advance the SDGs and humanitarian goals: A showcase from Mapbox (#248) Marena Brinkhurst
VTS: Getting Started with 3D Map Application Development (#170) Tomas Kavan
Validating OpenStreetMap in Botswana to support and improve National Malaria Programme intervention planning and monitoring (#156) Katelyn Woolheater and Ayokunle Abogan
Validation of geospatial information in web environment – GeoDT Online (#383) Yijun So, Dayeon Oh, Seulgi Lee, Jonghun Lee and Hochul Kim
Vector Tiles focused rendering optimisations in Openlayers (#254) Florent Gravin
Wave Good-Bye to Buttonology: Satellite Imagery Analysis Made Easy with (#208) Daniel Dufour and Stephen Peyton
What and how OSM data can help in strengthening the Disaster Resilience, and what is still missing? (#218) Kuo-Yu Chuang
Widening access; communities and technology (#196) Santosh Seshadri and Vanessa O’Brien
Working With the OSGeo Community (#342) Jody Garnett
XYZ – from none to node to client as simple as ABC (#176) Dennis Bauszus
You got a huge dataset via FOIA Request. Now what? (#207) Tiago Fassoni, Laury Bueno and Flávio Soares
ZOO-Project 1.8.0: What is new about Open WPS Platform (#321) Gérald Fenoy, Venkatesh Raghavan and Nicolas Bozon
ZanSDI – Spatial data infrastructure for Zanzibar (#234) Mohammed Zahran, Ibrahim Khalid, Riitta Teiniranta, Minna Kallio, Kaisu Harju and Niina Käyhkö
iTowns, web framework for 3D immersive visualization (#264) Vincent Picavet