Spousal Programme and Childcare

Spousal Programme


Previous FOSS4G Conferences have focused on bringing the best of technology to the world. Now in Dar, we’ve got a programme where your spouse can come to! We have a suggested programme below. Gala tickets can be purchased either in your online booking system, whereas the beach and tour activities will require small payments (less than $20 for the day) to cover food and travel.


Day Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Morning Free Fish Market Tour South Beach –  Kipepeo Kigamboni (Pick up point – JNICC
10 AM – 3 PM)
Zanzibar Day Trip: https://bit.ly/2zCQRZg Free Day
Afternoon Slipway Tour National Museum Tour and City Walk
Evening Free OSGeo Curry – Badminton Club Gala Party Free


But we also welcome you to contact Rickshaw Travel Group, tours3@rickshawtz.com or call +255 685082507 and visit www.rickshawtravels.com for more tailored activities. This can include day and one night safaris from Dar es Salaam. Either Monday/Tuesday or Thursday/Friday is recommended for these activities due to the Wednesday Night  Beach Gala!


FOSS4G in Dar es Salaam is offering childcare as part of your ticket, thanks to the generous sponsorship of Sparkgeo. Please get in touch with us foss4gdar@gmail.com and we will connect you with our childcare providers!