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Great progress – and busy days

Great progress – and busy days

This post was written by ragnvald

The last week our team has been working with the workshops. Of the 72 workshops were suggested to us and we have now chosen 29 of them. We are still trying to find a place for more of the workshops. This is the most important part for many of you. You will find the accepted workshops on this page.

Selecting the workshops and balancing their length is not easy. Some workshops will not take more than 1-2 hours, while others will take a full day. Out venue in Dar es Salaam is the Julius Nyerere Convention Centre. It is spacious and allows for many simultanious activities. We hope to be able to present more about this in not too long.

Last year, and this year, we will publish our program content details using an app service. The service we are using is called Attendify. It will provide prospective participants with program details on their phones. For those of you planning to be a part of FOSS4G 2018 in Dar es Salaam it will be your primary planning tool to find relevant presentations and workshops. With a downloaded app you will be able to connect to our content. We will make this app available once we have the content properly in place.

In the meantime rest assured we do our best to build an excellent FOSS4G conference experience for all of you!