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Julius Nyerere International Convention Centre

Julius Nyerere International Convention Centre

This post was written by ragnvald

As you all know this years FOSS4G conference will be in Dar es Salaam. Our venue is the Julius Nyerere International Convention Centre (JNICC). So what is it like? It is a lot of things – BIG is one of them. Professional is another word which rings a bell.Each year JNICC is the center of attention for hundreds of conferences and meetings – small and big. Owned by the Tanzanian Government and operated by AICC this is one of East Africas biggest conference centres. It can easily host around 1.000 people and has good location.

Once you enter JNICC you will find yourself in a huge lobby with space enough to accomodate for 20 exhibition slots, numerous posters and maps and hundreds of persons. At our conference this is where you will be encouraged to hang out in between presentations and workshops.Security is important at a conference of this size. All participants will undergo a security screening on their way in to the venue. With up to 1000 participants you will experience delays when entering the venue in the morning. Meet up early and avoid the que. Your cooperation in this process is appreciated.

Finding the venue is an easy. Many of the conference hotels are within walking distance. The below map has JNCC in the centre:


So what does it look like on the inside? The following floor plans will give you an overview. In our app based conference information you will find the different rooms linked to the respective rooms.

Shows the endtrance hall, the main hall and other meeting rooms.

This shows the first floor of the conference.

Meeting rooms with rooftop areas.