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What makes FOSS4G Happen?

What makes FOSS4G Happen?

This post was written by Msilikale Msilanga

Publishing the program of workshops and the main conference program has been a long road, but worth it. This won’t just be an exciting program, but a program that we as a Dar es Salaam Local Organising Committee (DLOC) think is one of the most diverse and interesting programs yet at a FOSS4G and one we stand behind to deliver the vision of our conference.

As we’re working on the final tailoring of the program, I’d like to give some background on what it takes to organise this year’s FOSS4G.

Firstly you. Yes, you!! You make FOSS4G happen, whether you’re giving a workshop, presenting, sponsoring, or providing the authorisation to travel, you the community make FOSS4G happen.

Secondly, the DLOC takes that energy and money to create an exciting program that will demonstrate the very best of what our community has to offer. To do this, we’ve organised logistics package of over $500,000. This includes the conference venue, the food and drink, t-shirts, special rates for hotels, the Travel Grant Program (which will bring more attendees from diverse and underrepresented backgrounds than ever before), and much much more.

This year, we’re also partnering with Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team, Understanding Risk: Tanzania and other great organisations to bring our users, technologists and developers together at a scale not done before!

Finally, this all mixed together means they’ll be over 250+ presentations, 20+ workshops, panels, posters alongside the many business and networking opportunities that you’d expect from FOSS4G. And remember, all of this is down to you, whether you’re presenting, sponsoring, or attending, it’s the community that makes FOSS4G great! It’s going to be an amazing conference in Dar es Salaam, so don’t miss out!

For more information please visit FOSS4G website: 2018.foss4g.org, Twitter: @foss4g or email us directly: foss4gdar@gmail.com.

Karibu Sana!