We know that the point of presentation for many of the practitioners are a produced map or poster. We would like our conference to host as many as possible of these products. Maps and posters should showcase creative approaches to conveying ideas and concepts aligned with our conference themes and demonstrate the power and versatility of software produced within the OSGEO community.


We will try to allow as many posters and maps as possible. Per the 4th of June we have approved 15 posters and maps. Should the number of maps and posters be too big, we will need to prioritise by date of registration. So the earlier the better the chanses are.


Poster Submission deadline is the 17. July 2018.
At this point we will close the submissions and start preparations for poster walls at the venue.


The only thing you will have to do is meet up with your approved poster at the venue. This should be done  no later than at 08:00 in the morning of the first conference day, Wednesday the 29th of August. You are also welcome to give us your poster on one of the workshop days, Monday or Tuesday.


Please submit your poster proposal using the conference tool via the easychair website: