Main Conference Presentations sessions


All conferences have their own flair. We challenge the community to give us more knowledge about how the world of OSGeo can support the international sustainable development agenda - the 2030 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) alongside our the pillars of our OSGEO society. We seek to convene the best and brightest, not only to inform and educate those at our conference, but also to leave a lasting legacy in our host city. We have chosen these focus areas for applied presentations:

  1. Urban : Pollution in cities, Greening Transports, Urban Planning, Informal Settlements detection.
  2. Coastal and Marine: Sensitivity Mapping, Sea level rise, Illegal Fishing, Pollution, Marine Spatial Planning.
  3. Geospatial applications in Low speed internet countries= how to cope at the age of Cloud Based Geospatial technologies.
  4. Drones: Aerial, Underwater, Open Source Workflow, Fleet management software.
  5. Widening Access and Humanitarian Mapping: Geospatial applications in Low speed internet countries, how to cope in the age of Cloud Based Geospatial technologies, t he role of the crowd.
We are also interested in learning news from the pillars of our society. We therefore welcome presentations on the following themes:
  1. FOSS4G Software
  2. FOSS4G Adoption
  3. FOSS4G Use Cases & Applications


Presentation Submission deadline is March 21, 2018
Community voting opens 31. March 2018
Community voting closes 14. April 2018
Accepted presentations announced 1. May 2018
Workshop Acceptance To be Announced

Please submit your workshop proposal using the conference tool via the easychair website: